Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Holiday update,

Hi everyone, just wanted to write a quick post to say I hope you all had a great Christmas Holiday, and are looking forward to a great New Year,

I've been so busy at work I've not had time to properly indulge in the final runup to the big day.  But certainly have made up for it since.  I'd been looking forward to calling the MeanGirls ever since the last call and had a two week ache deep inside me.  I had a special treat from them at Christmas which made me anticipate the call more.  After a few days of intense family time, (i swear theres one uncle I should not be allowed in a room with, it always ends ugly) a lot of laughs and plenty of food and drink I had sunday evening free.

I worked on my makeup, and had a play round, using the free MaxFactor items I got, but blending a fierce pink glitter eyeshadow over the metallic one, it was one of my better moments.  Then I got an outfit ready, and then started to edge, the ache was pretty bad but I wanted to make myself as desperate as I could.  When I called I had a surprise on for the Mean Girls, I'd ordered a sash to be printed with "Beauty Queen 4 MeanGirls" for a pt. assignment i'm working on but I had to show them and it got such a laugh.  Then they made me closeup my makeup and said I was getting much better, I felt so proud at that *blushes*
I had to give them an update on anything thats happened with Jess at work, although with xmas there has been no time for anything at work as its been hectic.  And they planted a seed in my head, that maybe Jess is like them, making me imagine Jess being with me while I called the Mean Girls, maybe her friends too, (i'm so scared that I find that idea so arousing) On the call I had to rub one of my frozen "cumcicles" all over my face and body, before putting the rest in my mouth and letting it melt.  Inside I was cringing, but I was twitching all over the place.  I'm sure not gonna share all the details on here, but there was so much laughter by Miss Vicki and Miss Erika on the call, that finally when they gave me the countdown I replaced what i'd taken out of the cumcube tray.  They actually got a pic of that and put it up on twitter, so anyone can see it, I was also told not to wash any of the dried cum off my body that night, so as I slept and woke up it was a constant reminder.

Yesterday I had more time to myself and ended up teasing myself for an age with my mini-wand, that got so intense, felt like I was riding an edge for so long and it got me so sensitive, that pretty much today my first day back at work all i've thought of is being humiliated *blushes*

This afternoon after i've finished work I got a call from Jess's friend Sarah, she basically asked if I could help her with a "little problem" then she giggled and rung off, so now the paranoia that I've had is going through the roof and i'm just imagining being tied up on cam to the Meangirls with other women actually there laughing and making the humiliation even more intense, and i'm craving it more and more.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a happy New Year

Cinnamon xx

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