Tuesday, 24 May 2016

An update and some dreams turned into fantasies

Hey, its been a while since I got to blog, so thought i'd make a quick one.

I managed to speak to the MeanGirls about a week and a half ago and had a very humiliating call that involved them making a TV game show, featuring the "Wheel of humiliation" I was playing about with and posted on here.  I had to imagine I was in front of a live TV audience in a studio full of baying laughing women.  Then the wheel was spun and well, I had to make a girlfriend out of a pillow, with Miss Erika and Miss Vicki asking all sorts of questions and often laughing hysterically.  (i've never heard them laugh like that before) as I carried out their demands.

It was such a different call, I was told we may re-visit it in the future, especially when my knee is properly mended, moving round for them was a bit of a hassle, but oh well

The ache started to build up again ever since that call, and my mind has been coming up with lots of humiliating ideas and fantasies as it ever does.   Some just changed the plots of movies etc to turn them into huge kinky humiliation blockbusters, for example imagine the hunger games but instead of a districts tributes, a dozen Mistresses enter a slave into the games, and the one who takes the most humiliation makes their Mistress win, I could really do with fleshing this idea out,

Another was imagining being at work (in a department store) and being asked to head to the beauty department as they are so short staffed they need a hand, you head down there thinking it will maybe involve a bit of stock replenishment, or serving at a register, but are greeted by one of the stores more prominent MUA's, to your shock you are told that she needs a model for the day,  (and deep inside you feel excited but are petrified to let anyone know) She is friendly but lets you know that there is no way out of this.  In a blur you find yourself sat in a chair wrapped in a pink gown that covers up your suit and are told to smile, as your picture is taken as a "before" example.  You blink at the flash, starting to feel a bit worried, especially as the stand you are on is very public.  Slowly the MUA starts to apply makeup, from the bottom all the way up from concealer and foundation, all the way to a fully made up and pretty face, with lucious lips.  Without being allowed to move you have to pose for an "after" shot, the MUA tells you not to be so nervous, delicately squeezing your crotch through the gown, "besides it looks like you've really enjoyed it" she says as your own tiny member throbs away as she winks and walks off.   You are about to move when she comes back with a short bobbed wig and asks, one more pic?  She puts the wig on and takes a pic, before comparing the before and after, you can't believe the difference, and know you have desired this for a long time, but still keep your secret deep inside.  You are then cleansed and left to head back to your boring department for the rest of the day.

A couple of days later you are at the companies internal marketing campaign meetings, where strategies are mapped out and are surprised to see for once, the same MUA there, the meeting was as predictable as ever until the MUA got up to present an idea.

She announced that she wanted to attract more women to their department with a new method of working, at busy times she wanted to publicly make over a male, to a high standard, then use this to attract women, using the tagline, "If we can make a man look this good, just imagine what we could do for you" she even said if we incorporate the personal shopping side, we could make a fortune

There was a bit of an uproar at this, until the boss of the whole store called for order, asking her how she thought it was possible, your head was spinning as she approached the projector and found your before and after shots in front of the whole management team.  To your horror you feel all the eyes on you followed by a round of applause, your head spins, but you think the idea has got a trial go ahead, and you are to be the model,

After the meeting you approach the MUA and ask why you?  She says well you obviously enjoyed last time judging by a certain swelling (you blush at this) and she already knows she can make you look good, she just needs to show the rest of the makeup girls. She tells you your new role will be properly detailed over lunch, but as of tomorrow you will be assigned to her new project each and every day.  She left you saying she couldn't wait till saturday, she was hoping to have a crowd watching,  you felt so embarrassed but could feel your excitement tingling in the panties you'd secretly worn  for years.

Wow sorry thats gone on a while, couldn't stop when I started

Finally for this post, I really want to send best wishes to Mean Girl Miss Vicki, who is recovering from an operation, i've been thinking of both of them every day, and hope she has a speedy and safe recovery.  They have rocked my world in the last 10 months, I've actually felt real lousy since I found out as I wanted to do something special for them but unfortunately until payday there is no chance.  Please if you read this, hold Vicki in your thoughts,

Thanks for reading
Cinnamon xxx

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