Friday, 10 June 2016

A quick update

I'm just writing a quick post as an update really,  i'm very sorry that I haven't had much of a chance to update this lately,

Mainly i've been aching hard, and thinking of the MeanGirls especially Miss Vicki as with the operations she has had a tough time of it lately, it's nearly been 4 weeks since i've had a call with them, if i'm being totally honest, I've been more worried than thinking much of my kinky side, and also really aching as i'd not been able to call to beg permission.

I was lucky though earlier this week.  I was given permission to make a cumsie via email.  I was so happy, but there was a condition.  I had to make the cumsie all over a cake of my choice, then I had eat it, and take picture evidence for them.  I can't share the pics, as some of them are very personal, but also i've been asked not to send the pics until I next call them, so I can hear the laughter first hand so to speak.  I must be honest, i must have consumed each cumsie i've made over the last year, but normally its with the laughter in my ears as i'm on a call, or recently as I was knelt in Mistress Courtney's dungeon.  This time was different, I was all alone at home, somehow, this made it feel even more embarrassing, it was more a conscious decision rather than when i'm coerced into it, I knew I had to and wouldn't dare cheat, but I felt some pangs of shame after.

I'm hoping all being well to be able to call the MeanGirls over the weekend, i'm already working on my next assignment for them *blushes*  and I am
also looking into booking a second RT session with Mistress Courtney, (I feel very lucky about that) So will probably have a longer blog after the weekend.  Just wanted to make this one as its been a couple weeks since I last wrote

Cinnamon xxx

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