Monday, 13 June 2016

More tales of humiliation, and welcome back to the Mean Girls

Hey everyone, i'm writing this in such a happy mood, i'm pretty sure you'll be able to guess why, last night after four long weeks I got to speak to the MeanGirls and boy had I missed their laugh, (and they laughed a hell of a lot)

Last week I posted about a small assignment i'd been given involving a slice of cake *blushes* and having to make a precious cumsie all over it, and how embarrassing i'd found it, almost even more so that I was all alone, and then evidence myself eating it for them,  although after edging daily while Miss Vicki was recovering from her surgery had made me desperate enough to do anything

here was the cake before *blushes*

Now I'd been instructed to get pictures but I was only allowed to send them just before I called last night so I could hear the initial laughter that they provoked in Miss Vicki and Miss Erika, this next one was after the cumsie but before the eating

I know its yucky and gross, but I had to follow my orders, and was so grateful to relieve the ache i'd had.  So I took pics of me eating it, and they laughed so hard at them.  

Also prior to the call last night I had to turn my pillow into a GF using lingerie, a paper plate face and a homemade wig.  Just trying to get it all sorted I knew that this was going to be an extremely humiliating call,  I'd had the anticipation building for days for the call, and spent the afternoon yesterday making pillow Jess as i'd been told with a leopard print bra and panty set, the face, and an attempt at a wig I made with a reel of purple ribbon.  She was sat in my bedroom as I entertained some friends for dinner and I was paranoid someone would just walk in and see her *blushes* thankfully that didn't happen, and the meal i'd cooked went well.  Unfortunately after my friend fell asleep on my sofa, and I was just wishing I was alone so I could start getting ready,  eventually I got him awake though and was left alone, feeling a nervous pit of anticipation growing deep inside me.

Finally I sent the cake pics, struggled down to my knees and called.  It was so good to hear their voices and their laughs, especially when I introduced them to pillow Jess, they even put a picture up on Twitter of her *blushes*  I could feel a lump in my throat as I just felt extra humiliated as I was singing to them, and confessing my love to a pillow, all to the barrage of humiliation that kept coming, I'm not going into all the details but eventually I had to make a cumsie on Jess and lick it up, which wasn't great as I got cotton in my mouth, then they realised they'd actually made me cry with humiliation which mortified me, but also excited me.  I was literally led spent on the floor for ages after the call, feeling like my head had melted.  I've been told now as well I have to sleep with Jess every single night and make her feel special, it definitely just makes me really embarrassed, but without say the arousal of other humiliating ideas, you know like cfnm, or being caught dressed etc, I honestly dont know how I feel here.  I do know I had a ridiculously awesome dream last night, totally humiliated and controlled, even if it did take me till 5.30 am to fall asleep. (with Jess of course *blushes*)

Today, i've been thinking a lot as well after a conversation on twitter, and considering something about myself that I have never considered before, its so complicated and in a way daunting, and goes way beyond my fantasies of humiliation etc, its quite a raw feeling at the moment, and I am not sure how I feel but may be speaking about it more soon.  Reading some things about it have left me crying again this afternoon, some things i've read just seem so so true.

I wouldn't feel right today writing a blog post without referencing the awful and tragic events in Orlando over the weekend, its such a loss of beautiful life, and my heart goes out to everyone affected.  If I had just one wish, it would be that people would just be tolerant of others no matter how they live their lives, we are who we are, i've come to realise that to hide who you are can be damaging to you.  I guess thats all for now, and sorry to end the post on such a note but I genuinely feel horrible about the events.  As always feel free to chat on twitter, and I hope to be back with another post soon, love ya all

Cinnamon xxx


  1. oh my, simply fantastic! well done!

  2. Thanks Ed, reading it back is so embarrassing especially knowing how many people have seen this now :)