Friday, 13 May 2016

Arousal and frustration,

Hi everyone, first can I just apologise as its been a couple of weeks since I last managed to write a blog post.  Between me and my usual luck with injuring myself,  the most anti-social shifts at work and for the first time in ages some decent weather its been a hectic time.

Its even, thanks to the aforementioned injuries been just over two weeks since I managed to call the MeanGirls who really seemed to enjoy making me re-live some of the session I had with  Mistress Courtney just a couple of days before, I was even allowed another cumsie, which made me feel sooooooo lucky, but now I think maybe being allowed two in such short a period of time has made the ache and cravings I have now more intense *blushes* and wow especially through this week the ache has been crazy.  pretty much every night I'm having to use a bag of frozen vegetables to calm the stupid tiny thing down before bed.  Yet I can't help listening to the audios, and browsing the things I browse online that only makes the ache worse.  The worst thing is my hands get much less steady when i'm practicing my makeup, poking my eye with a mascara wand was not what I intended!!

I hope over the weekend I'll get to call the MeanGirls and hopefully if I beg good enough I'll be allowed a precious cumsie.  Also i'm planning another RT session, after I've saved enough for it, so there may be more news on that soon.

I had a treat the other night as well.  An audio story from audible,  "Calendar Girl" written by KylieGable a tale of delicious college days forced fem, narrated in the females perspective, I listened on my headphones and found it almost soothing as I drifted into a blissful state, not believing that this story seemed to capture the fantisies I had as a teen yet elaborated on them and just had so much development and and attention to detail, it was really really good,

Also i've been speaking a lot to my friend I made a confession too, possibly she thinks she has found a store where I may be able to find some shoes that will fit me, and i've been sending her pics of styles I like, i've been told we need a night together where she can explain things to me, before we have a shopping trip, maybe even take my makeup so she can give me tips too (this is the scariest thing ever, but I dont think I can stop it now, I dont even want too)  My main issue is she knows I have a "secret" twitter account, and asked me for it, but I haven't confessed everything yet, especially about the humiliation and tasks side of things.   She knows I went to see a dominatrix, but nothing about what happened in there.  Its like a dilemma *blushes*

Anyway i'm off, sorry its only a short post, hope to make a longer one after the weekend, and hopefully will have been allowed to ease this ache by then too.

Cinnamon xx

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