Friday, 9 September 2016

Its nearly here, my week of kink!

Hi everyone, wow its been a while since I blogged so thought i'd make a quick one before the excitement totally overwhelms me, you see its only a few days until I get to have a RT session with Mistress Courtney again, and the "week of kink" I had been thinking of trying to plan now really looks a bit busier than I thought it could be.  Having found a BDSM club night not too far away next weekend and also a couple of play munches, for one of them i've even had someone offer to take me as I think they have sensed my nervousnness.  I do think I would need to try and find someone to come to the club night with me though, as I guess i'd have less of an idea what to expect than I did at Sexhibition a few weeks back.  I've really found fetlife more helpful than ever in the last few days

I had been toying with the idea of maybe trying to book another session for later in the week too, although still not made my mind up on that.  I'll be totally honest, i'm still a bit unaware of the etiquette in the whole D/s scene and feel very mindful of not getting something wrong.  So many people have been so nice to me on twitter and now that i've been exploring more i've realised there are so many Mistresses around in a relatively local area to me.  It really does feel like all of a sudden my eyes have been opened to this whole world, right now i'm like at the edge looking in and just hoping my nerve will hold and i'll get to explore my kinks and submit so much more.

Earlier this week I was doing a little bit of reminiscing and was reliving some of my first ever humiliation tasks for Mistress Charlotte, that goes nearly 5 years back now, she was the first Domme that I called regularly, and I genuinely had a lot of fun until she left the scene.  At that time I regularly had tuesdays off work and used to have to roll a dice at midnight, I would then have to edge for that many hours through the night, it was a way I could do a task for her while in a separate timezone, and she accepted at that time that I couldn't afford to call as much as I wanted as was struggling with my illnesses.  Anyways I had got the point earlier this week where I had self denied myself for 5 weeks, with pretty much daily edging.  Needless to say I had a case of blue balls.  I was aching and straining, and received a msg off a Mistress on twitter who knows a bit about me, she told me to roll the dice.  I did and got a four,  I was then given the instruction that I had to cum four times that day, i'll be totally honest the first couple of times was like a relief, I left a good hour or two between each one.  But by the fourth I was actually struggling, I'd got so very sensitive and so sore but kept going (I used a hell of a lot of lube on the fourth)  Of course like i've been trained in the past I did consume most of my nasty boy squirts, although I was told to leave the third and fourth in a pair of panties.  After i'd finished I was told in the morning I would have to toss a coin, heads and those crusty panties would have to be worn to work, ewwwww I was so glad to roll a tail.  It did feel good to finally get a release, although I was sore after for a couple of days.

I have also been really really lucky recently, I mean I won that RT competition from LoveHoney, and then last week won another "mystery" prize from another Adult store called SaucyUK.  I've not received it yet but looking forward to seeing what it is.  And also yesterday I found i'd won another competition.  By entering a clip idea to a humiliation website CruelGirlfriend, I was so surprised to hear that they really liked the idea, and the prize was a months membership.  So again i've been so so lucky and i'll even get to see my clip idea brought to life as a clip on their site.  I think thats pretty awesome!

Anyways I'm going to wrap this up and wish everyone a great weekend, and I'm sure i'll have an update or two on my week of kink next week, and as always feel free to get in touch, either here, fetlife or Twitter

Cinnamon xx

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