Thursday, 1 September 2016

Planning ahead, hopefully my week of kink!

Hey everyone, I thought it was about time I blogged again, its been a whirlwind couple of weeks for me to be honest.  I must also admit, this post will have none of the juicy details of my last post.  Unfortunately Sexhibition is only one weekend a year!

The more I've thought about it since, I really did have a great time there and feel like I learnt so much from others about all sorts of kinks.  About the differences between pro and lifestyle, in terms of D/s. I must be honest its inspired a hell of a lot of thought in me since then as pretty much all of my experience, whether its the limited real time sessions, or the calls I made to the MeanGirls and the few other Dommes before them was obviously a job for them.   And obviously i'm very grateful that they've all been excellent at their jobs!  From both what I learned that day and some comments i've had on twitter i must admit that i've been daydreaming quite a lot about being owned.  I know its hardly likely to really happen but some of the dreams of it i've had have been just the best.  I'm finding that my cravings seem to be less about me and more about being the best I can be for a Mistress, evolution eh??

I've been using the miniwand pretty much daily recently as theses thoughts send my imagination into overdrive, craving the touch of a Mistress, and i've now denied myself an orgasm for over four weeks.  I'm sure the sensations get more and more intense by doing this.  But I really need to look at getting a toy that isn't battery powered, its costing a fortune! I would gladly accept any suggestions as toys are totally new to me!

Anyways as well as thinking i''ve been looking so forward to a week off work later this month, with a lot of free time as a planned trip to Barcelona has fallen through, (luckily without any loss of money to me)  So i've been really wondering what to do.  I have had a couple of suggestions from twitter but have had a few thoughts of my own.  Basically i've hopefully set up another RT session with the amazing MistressCourtney which will be a lovely treat for me,  I have missed those eyes penetrating into me and making me weak, i'm so tempted to mention some of the new things that have peaked my curiousity lately.  I'm also trying to get a friend maybe to come on a shopping day with me, I'm thinking that finally I'm at the stage where I would love to have a whole outfit etc as Cinnamon, then who knows, maybe even have a night out etc.  So if anyone reading would like to take a fairly secret sissy shopping and can give good tips on what would suit etc feel free to get in touch.  It has been suggested that some Mistresses would enjoy doing this.  So theres a chance i'll look into that too!  And if anyone has any good ideas I could maybe do to make it a total week of kink please feel free to let me know!!!  I've also been trying to get more involved on fetlife to learn more about kink in my area, I really think I would love to find a club I could maybe attend as cinnamon sometime.

I also got a little treat this week in the form of new panties, aren't they so cute!!!   I'm thinking one pair may be perfect for my next session, and they just feel so awesome.  Yet at 3 for £7 they were a total bargain.  They arrived yesterday and I had to keep the parcel hidden while I had a visitor, it felt like utter torture.

Speaking of torture, as I mentioned before i've been denied for over four weeks now and the edging daily is now really taking its toll on me,  it seems each night I end up laying in a pulsing straining mess on the couch, or the bed, or even leant on the tiles in the shower thinking i'm one touch away from you know what whilst also thinking how much better it is when you have permission to cum.  I guess its all part of this control thing i'm getting, you know the fantasy where someone has complete and utter control over me, where everything I do was solely to please, I think I would love someone to have complete control over my pleasure again, I really really would.

Right I think i'm gonna head off into my imagination again, i've also been working on a new short story that may make an appearance on my next post so stay tuned.  And as always feel free to get in touch on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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