Monday, 22 August 2016

Trip to Sexhibition Sunday 2016

Hey everyone, this could be a really fun post for me to write.  As you might have read in my last couple of blog posts, or on my twitter i'd taken the plunge and bought myself a ticket for the Sexhibition Expo in Manchester this last weekend.  I could only go the Sunday due to other commitments and was pretty nervous.  I had no idea what to expect, and was hoping it would be ok to go on my own.  Anyways after a lot of advice off people on twitter and the curiosity I'd bought the ticket.  This is a pretty long post, i'm sorry, but still feel like i've not put everything in, it was such an awesome day.

There wasn't anyway I could have gone as Cinnamon I thought as my exterior wardrobe is not exactly great, most of my clothes are lingerie (although looking at some of the outfits *blushes*) So I came up with a bit of a compromise and wore whats in this pic underneath my male clothes of jeans and a shirt.  Driving there I was paranoid that the halter strap was visible and had such a nervous excitement.  Now when i'd been debating over whether to go alone a Domme had told me if I went I would have to introduce myself, and part of me was a bit nervous at that too.  She had asked me to get in touch when I got there.  Anyways due to the unusual complete lack of traffic on the way to Manchester I got there before the place opened for the day and chilled out with a coffee feeling butterflies in my stomach, and people watching as a small crowd started to queue for the entrance.  I'd say this was the point I realised that basically as far as clothing went, pretty much anything would go today.  As well as people dressed outwardly like me, all casual there were wild and creative outfits, latex, leather, corsets etc that all seemed to look just fantastic.  I also couldn't help admire all the amazing makeup that a lot of the women were wearing.  I let the initial queue enter before I went in myself.  Pretty much just walked around for a little bit to gather my bearings and had a bit of a look at the retail stalls and the main stage area.  I was pretty amazed at the sights and my nerves started to settle.  I grabbed a drink, (those tokens are a nightmare and for soft drinks a total rip-off but what are ya to do?) and messaged the Domme, Princess Jessika who said she was taking part in a Q&A session ran by Mistress Absolute, and that maybe I should go along.  There weren't many attendees for the session but i'll be honest, a lot of the questions asked and the answers taught me a lot.  I'm still really a newbie to any form of play in Real Time, and genuinely think I learned a fair few things.

After the session finished (as the room was needed for the next workshop) I introduced myself to Princess Jessika who greeted me warmly, even checking my undergarments, but I thought at the time thankfully she didn't properly expose them.  I then helped move all the chairs in the room to the side, just felt it was right to offer before leaving.  We sat down outside with others and had a small chat, before heading back into the main exhibition hall to their stand, I was conscious that I didn't want to overstay my welcome, after all the show was a busy place and there were things to be done but for a while I was asked to stay at the stand and inbetween visitors kept talking about my past experiences basically.  I was then told I could go for a wander around with another Mistress from the team (Mistress Angel) who was doing basically some networking with other stalls, she was also quizzing me very subtlely about my kinks etc while explaining about some fetish events and clubs in London.  And gradually over the afternoon I was given more tasks to do, to help and slowly the buttons on my shirt were undone leaving me feeling quite exposed in the pink cami, there were frequent breaks for fresh air outside, and both Mistress Angel, and Princess Jessika when we caught up again seemed to have fun teasing me.  (and scaring the heebie-geebies) out of me) Its not the first time i've had a gulp physically noticed by a Mistress and she kept trying to replicate it.  By the middle of the afternoon i'd done a few more things to help the team including walking round getting business cards from other stalls all still with my lingerie exposed and I was now alone.  I know people were looking at me, but I just didn't dare cover up

  It almost felt like I wasn't there to look around like other people.  Outside again Princess Jessika discovered I was ticklish, and by this time my head had been pretty much invaded.  I was told I could beg for mercy but asked if I really wanted to.  Then it was back inside again and helping to pack the stall up, under direction of course and help carry what was needed outside.  As it was boxes and things I did button my shirt back up for this.  But once back upstairs I got in trouble for this and had to stand in a certain position for what felt like ages looking down at the floor, it felt really humiliating as there was still people all over, I had my nipples played with before heading down to another stand to help them pack up.  This was the whiplr stand, that I hadn't really had a chance to visit and it was big.  It was at this point I was introduced to Princess Almighty, who instructed me how to take down some signage and pack it away, I had my lingerie exposed at that point and while I was carrying out the task she kept kicking at me, which I wasn't expecting and verbally humiliating me, others were watching on as well, I just couldn't stop though, after that task she approached me and really started to play with me, I got a little freaked at this as wasn't expecting it at all, I took a knee or two and some nipple pulling,  I could feel myself shaking though at the verbal humiliation, for someone so pretty she has a way to make you shudder. and as her nails scratched down me I thought I was losing it a bit.  I try and keep it a secret that theres places where if I get scratched I literally tremble

I'm not going to lie I had to take a few minutes outside, but was so thankful to a couple others who came outside with me.  Like I said before I'm new to all this,  I was ok, it wasn't the pain, just maybe a couple of things said that i've never heard before.  Princess Jessika also came and chatted to me and made sure I was ok.  Before we went back in, i'd not got far before Princess Almighty called me back over and I apologised for freaking a little bit, Soon I was on all fours with her on my back before she tied my shirt up to make me look like a country and western singer and pinched on my nipple for what seemed like an age.

Anyways the place was now closed and it was time to leave, but not before thanking Princess Jessika who said i'd done really well, and getting caught in a typical Manchester rainstorm.  I went expecting to maybe check out a couple of the shows, browse the stalls, and ended up instead being pretty much used, humiliated, exposed, slapped, teased, headfucked, tickled and scratched, and you know what??
  I dont think i'd change a moment of it!  After all I met a lot of very nice people all into kink, some very dominant Mistresses, even ones that i'd heard of when I kept all my submissive feelings bottled up.  And i feel i've learnt a lot.  I really enjoyed the day, the sights, the emotions that ran through me, which lasted way into the middle of the night.  I'm only just through processing it all now

I really can't thank Princess Jessika, and all the other Mistresses enough, I genuinely feel lucky, and the whole day will live long in my memory.  Right though, this blog is long enough, so i'm off, feel free to chat to me on twitter and I guess i'll be back soon

Cinnamon xxx

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