Friday, 19 August 2016

Another attempt at a short story

Hey everyone, it seems a couple of weeks ago when I tried turning a fantasy i'd had in a dream into a short story a lot of people liked it so thought I would have another go,  I hope you like it too:-

It wasn't the first time I had been asked out shopping by the Mistress who had somehow turned me more submissive in sessions than i'd ever been before, I genuinely found it a pleasure to follow around and carry bags, fetch drinks, and generally made Mistresses shopping trips as stress free as possible, however something she had said had planted a nervous seed deep in my head.

Each session i'd had with her I had been ordered to wear panties, which really makes no difference to me as I wear them all the time. But she had said something about adding something to my wardrobe, I really didn't know what she had planned. 

We had arranged to meet at a coffeeshop in a large shopping centre, I parked up and composed myself as I often do, before walking in the centre and to the shop, I could not miss Mistress, looking more stunning than ever, even in a pair of jeans and casual top. I approached and said "Good Morning Mistress" she looked up and smiled before pointing to her boot, I nervously looked over my shoulder and around the store before getting on my knee and placing one quick kiss on the toe of the boot.  She giggled that infectious laugh and told me to sit down.  I had a coffee ordered for me as Mistress explained that she liked putting me in dresses but if I had a bra to go underneath they would look so much better, she took out her phone and pulled up some pics of me from a session and made a few pointers.  I was told that Mistress knew a store where they would measure me properly and find a perfect fit.  I know I was blushing, Mistress placed her hand on my thigh and said everything would be fine, she promised it would. We left the coffee shop and walked through the mall, my heart pounding I was so thankful it was still early and fairly quiet.

We stopped in a couple of shops Mistress wanted to look at before heading to a well know lingerie store, I could feel my hands getting slightly clammy and a lump growing in my throat, I could feel my feet trying to slow down and Mistress turned, her eyes bearing deep into me, she didn't need to say anything, that look just made me utter "sorry Mistress" very quietly and she led me in.  The store was very quiet, I couldn't see any customers, and breathed a sigh of relief, it must have been audible as Mistress turned to face me again and said "see I told you it was nothing to worry about" She approached a young lady close to the checkouts who greeted her warmly, they must have known each other.  This young lady came over to me with Mistress and introduced herself as Sarah, she told me to stop blushing she'd done this before and I was brave for even daring to share I like dressing.  I was led to a changing room area at the rear of the store, and Sarah asked me to remove my shirt.  reluctantly and with the eyes of Mistress flashing angrily i started to unbutton and remove it.  Sarah very professionally started measuring me with a tape that tickled my skin, whilst talking about fits with Mistress, I was lost as they kept discussing until Mistress told me to remove my trousers with a tone that made me do it straight away, Sarah giggled as she saw the little pink panties I had on and the hold up stockings id been told to wear, and said they were adorable, she measured my hips and waist, before leaving.  Mistress said she would be back with some things for me to try and she was proud of me.  I smiled, even with the paranoia I felt stood in panties in a lingerie store changing room.  

Before long Sarah returned with armfuls of lingerie and I spent the next 15-20 mins modelling for both her and Mistress, I was frantically trying not to get excited, and then panic set in.  The fire alarm sounded, Mistress and Sarah looked at each other and me, I bent down to pick my clothes up but was pulled away, and told quick by sarah, all of a sudden I was being led through the shop in a beautiful lingerie set, feeling myself shake with fear.

"What are you doing" came a shout from a sales assistant giggling, Sarah replied "the fire alarm" Which brought laughter back, "it was a test you dumbass" called the young sales girl who turned around laughing her head off, "Oops" said Sarah and led us back to the changing rooms, 

I froze as soon as we walked in, my male clothes were gone, like just not there.  I looked at Mistress who looked as surprised as me, Sarah apologised and said she would go and look for them, but when she returned there was no sight of them.  Mistress said I can't take him out like this and pulled Sarah outside. I heard Mistresses voice get louder, almost felt sorry for Sarah knowing just what Mistress was capable of.  

After a minute she came back and said she was so sorry, Mistress said she was going to have to buy me some clothes from another store to wear out, and I was going to have to stay put until she came back.  "Ahem" came a call from behind and a woman, I think the manageress said, "its all well and good, but I cannot have you leaving a male here able to spy on other women in the changing rooms, however feminine he looks"

I wanted to melt, my head was spinning.  This wasn't coincendence I was thinking.  Mistress and Sarah then said well what if we tie "her" up in here. The manageress thought a moment before agreeing.  Before I knew it I was tied to the bar that usually held the curtain  and unable to move.  Mistress came up very close to me and promised she would be back soon, she kissed me softly on the cheek and I instantly started to tremble.  I heard Sarah saying they would have to warn any women who came in, but she thought it would be ok, she then squeezed my tiny dicklet through the panties and said "anyway they could all get a giggle out of this"  Mistress and the manageress laughed, I really blushed and tried to whisper please no, but just couldnt as they all left.

I was left alone, I could hear voices in the store and the tedious music they play, I tried to move but had no chance, they'd tied me good and proper and even worse since my dicklet had been squeezed I was feeling excited, exposed, and totally scared, I heard more voices just outside that sounded very giggly there was a "no fucking way" and "shut up" before my fears were realised, two totally stunning young women, in their early 20's walked in and just burst out laughing, Sarah followed them and said it was totally safe the sissy couldn't move even if he was being whipped.  These women came closer laughing and humiliating me with their comments.  One pulled my bra strap and laughed as I winced as it snapped back, the other pulled at my panties and yelled its so tiny, I tried to block it out but the laughter was in my head.  They left after a couple of minutes but it was getting closer to lunch, I could hear the store getting busier.  Soon after another woman came in, laughed and went into a change room, I could hear her on her phone as she was telling someone about the sissy on display, she howled with laughter and said OK. She still had her phone in her hand as she left the booth and said "smile sissy" before snapping a picture as my eyes widened with shame.  "Perfect" she said before leaving.

I lost count of the amount of women who came in, laughed, humiliated me, took pictures, flicked me with their nails, one even said a sissy needs lipstick and put some on me, a scarlet red.  I was squirming inside, and close to tears.  Sarah came in again and stroked my cheek, showing me a bag, she told me that some of the women had decided to buy me presents and that I could take all of these home with me.  I blushed and felt myself tingle, ashamed that I couldn't stop the reaction, she squeezed me again and said my Mistress would be back soon.  

She was right, maybe 10 minutes later I heard Mistresses voice outside, my heart skipped, I heard her ask if i'd been good, a reply said "well she's not really had a choice has she" which made Mistress giggle, I got aroused at that as always just as she walked back in.  She had two bags with her, and apologised for being so long, I had no idea what time it was and certainly wasn't explecting her to reply it was late afternoon.  I'd been tied up in there for hours.

She opened the first bag, I gasped it was not male clothes she had gone and bought, it was a lovely scarlet coloured dress, with a black lace trim, she smiled and said it would match my lipstick which made me blush.  I was untied and helped into the dress which fitted perfectly, Mistress said it was nice of Sarah to write my measurements down. Out of the other bag Mistress pulled out a pair of very high high heeled shoes, again just your size she said, placing them on my feet. Apart from my face I looked so girly in the mirror, Mistress seemed pleased, she announce it was time to go, and led me out of the changing rooms with the bag of lingerie Sarah had brought in.  All of the staff were stood there and clapped me, I blushed frantically and tried to shrink, Mistress held me there and Sarah came up to me and said "you were so good sissy, you can come back anytime" she even kissed me on the cheek before handing Mistress one last bag, she smiled as she pulled out a brown wig that I recognised, from my sessions in the dungeon.  "Perfect" said Mistress placing it on my blushing bright red head. Before showing me that in the bag as well were the boy clothes that disappeared earlier. 

Now then Sissy, Mistress said to me, its about time we went and got your makeup done, its ok i've already made you an appointment.

As Mistress took my hand and led me out of the store I shuddered knowing I had no choice, no choice at all

the end.... (for now)

Wow, I really wasn't expecting that to be that long, I really hope some of you enjoy it, and as always please feel free to give me any feedback, its only the second time i've tried something like this so would really appreciate any feedback at all.

Guess I'd best be off, I have an outfit to prepare for Sexhibition, my excitements at fever pitch now, as always feel free to chat to me on here or on twitter 

Cinnamon xxxx

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  1. That was really well written! Made for a great read. X