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A short story i've wrote from a fantasy

Hi everyone, i'm thinking this post may be a little different to my usual ones,  the other day I was in my second home (twitter) and got to daydreaming a really kinky fantasy and I kinda tweeted it.  It seems people may have liked it and i've been encouraged to try and flesh it out and post it as like a story I guess so here goes, hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think.

It all started a few months ago, an itch i'd been feeling since adolescence finally explored. Finally submitting to a real dominatrix,  I overcame the nerves and booked a session in her dungeon and afterwards felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder.  It wasn't long till I had another session where my mind was blown again.  I actually felt accepted for who I was.  There were more sessions  and then last week I received a text message,  I had been invited to a party by the Mistress, I was in shock, I replied of course and that i'd love to come.  Shortly after I was given a time and a place, and told to dress casually.  

So on the day I turned up and rang a door bell, Mistress answered looking absolutely stunning, even dressed fairly casually, she hugged me and thanked me for coming, I could feel those eyes penetrate deep into me and stammered "you're welcome Mistress"  I was taken into a room and Mistress asked if I knew why she had invited me?  I shook my head and replied "no Mistress"  She giggled and said "Good, well every party needs entertainment, and tonight you are it".  I froze, a glass of water half held to my lips and gulped.  As her eyes looked over me I felt myself nodding and saying "yes Mistress" (like I could have said anything else.)

I was told to stand as Mistress stripped me naked, I was so conscious of the huge floor to ceiling glass windows on one side of the room but couldn't do anything.  I was then led on a table and restrained tightly to it, I trusted Mistress but still suddenly felt nervous and could feel goosebumps on my arms and a slight shiver up my back.  I was told that this would be my position for the evening and that she would be covering my head up with a mask, some panties and whatever else she wanted, but she would make sure that I could hear everything.   She explained that throughout the party I was only there to be teased, tormented and maybe even driven crazy in these restraints, and that her guests could use whatever they pleased, their hands, clamps, pegs, their nails, crops, magic wands, anything at all.  I literally couldn't move as my eyes grew wide,  which was noticed and laughed at. 

Mistress then announced that the entertainment part of the evening was that she was challenging her guests to make me cum, and that if they did their reward would be Mistress removing my mask to expose me to all her friends, (I had no idea who, or how many people had been invited to this party and started to feel scared) Mistress moved her hand to my tiny excuse of a manhood and started to tease it, she said "you want to make me happy dont you?"  I had to nod and say "Yes Mistress" as she teased me to an erection laughing at my predicament.  She then left and came back with a mask, panties and stockings which she tied around my head, hiding my identity, taking away my sight, but made sure I could hear everything.  She then squeezed my cock and whispered in my ear that it wouldn't be long now.

I heard the door close, and I was left trembling, wondering what I had got myself into, but still throbbing from the touch of Mistress,  I have no idea how long I was led there, I could feel my mind racing, and when trying to slightly move realised how secure the restraints were.  After a while I heard the same doorbell that I'd rang earlier, then the faint sound of voices in the next room.  Although I couldn't see or move I braced myself and heard the door open, I trembled at the loud laughs, and the cries of Oh My God, the laughter had the effect it usually does and made my tiny thing tingle again.  I could feel people right next to me, even to the breath on my mask as I heard a womans voice right next to my head say "So if i'm getting it right, if we want to see the face under this (stroking the mask) we have to make this squirt?"  My cock was grabbed and squeezed tight as I heard the laughs of numerous women.  I picked out Mistresses voice replying "you got it"

The teasing really started then, I have no idea how long it lasted, or how many people were there,  all I was trying to concentrate on was not cumming, not being able to see made my hearing and sense of touch feel so much more acute.  Every touch was making me tremble, I felt something like nipple clamps being attached and played with, my thighs were scratched with nails, as was my stomach, I was tickled all over, I could feel I was shaking, a Magic wand was draped over my now throbbing tiny dick and balls, which was being squeezed and pulled and teased constantly.  I can't lie, it felt really really good, but the fear of exposure was making me try to keep control.  At one point I felt the clamps being removed, then felt something hot dripping over the now very sensitive spots. I could hear Mistress laughing and reading out embarrassing articles from my blog, which brought howls of laughter from the women there, I could pick out at leat 6 different voices, I'm pretty sure I could also tell when it was a different woman touching me.  I was so sensitive and felt almost electric at each touch, thinking I would maybe never be the same again,  One voice whispered in my ear, "you know the best thing about doing laundry the old way?" then giggled and yelled "clothespegs" and I felt a nipping sensation all over my cock, i'd never had anything like that before, how could something so mundane, such a normal household item pinch as much as that, I could feel myself trying to buck as the sensations travelled through me.  Mistress took over at that point to remove the pegs, I think she used a crop, I could feel tears on my cheeks under the mask and the laughter grew and grew and cramps from all my muscles constantly squirming, it was getting to the point where I was totally desperate to cum, but still trying to hold it back.

It must have gone on for hours, at one point I heard a woman apologise that she had to be home for midnight as she had a babysitter and she left, my mind was trying to work out how long from that, i'd been tied since 5.30pm, after another while though it did go quiet, the touching sensations stopped although the ache in my balls and muscles was there constantly, I heard the voices walk away, and the door go, for a few moments it was so quiet all I could hear was my breath until I heard heels coming towards me, I sobbed as I instantly recognised Mistresses voice as she stroked my mask and said "Well done pet" I felt her fingernails lightly run down my body and grasp my still throbbing and sensitive cock before starting to milk me, it felt so good, but in a matter of seconds I felt the spasm deep in my balls as I started to cum, Mistress let go and ruined my orgasm.  I heard a giggle then and gulped.  Mistress then laughed and said "Oh you silly pet, the party is nowhere near over yet"

Her hands pulled away the mask, the glare made me blink frantically and as my sight became focused I gulped again, realising there was at least 10 women in the room with me and Mistress, I panicked really badly as I recognised some of them.  I looked at Mistress shaking but she just smiled, damn I can't resist those eyes, however humiliating, even in front of my crush from work, an ex girlfriend who I was still friends with, oh shit, even the girl from the makeup counter who i've asked for help before, they were all still laughing, I felt a humiliating shame run through me, but all it did was make me throb again.  Mistress grabbed it with one hand and scooped up some of my ruined orgasm cum with the other, she told me to open wide as she dripped it into my mouth, saying "I think we will make this party a weekender"  to a chorus of laughter, and oh god no, was that a camera flash.  As I swallowed my cum all I could do was look at her eyes and say

"Yes Mistress"

The end........ (or is it)

For now this is the end, I may try and continue it, I suppose it all depends on the feedback, obviously as well it is all a fantasy, not a real account, however awesome it would be.  I've never written anything like this before so would really appreciate any feedback at all.  Please feel free to comment, either on here or get in touch with me on twitter

I'd also like to say thanks for all the lovely comments and messages i've been getting on there about my new profile pic, and that i've encouraged others to maybe try some of their fantasies, it really makes me feel so cool, so really genuinely thank you

Cinnamon xxx

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