Friday, 29 July 2016

My second RT session

Hey everyone, I thought I would just have to write a post about my second RT session that i've had this week with Mistress Courtney.  I had been looking forward to it so much, and as the day grew closer I got the same nervous excitement I had last time.

As I knocked on the door the nerves peaked, but as the door opened and I saw Mistresses eyes and smile they just disappeared, we had a little chat and I was taken into the dungeon.  I was undressed and Mistress seemed to like the panties i'd been instructed to wear, I was then sat to have full makeup applied, having little things explained, and one very obvious gulp on my part when Mistress said she might make me arrive in makeup sometime, I was then put in a blue floaty dress and a wig before being shown to a mirror.  I looked so different to normal and felt so so girly and had some pics taken. I was then cuffed to a bar suspended from the ceiling. Mistress was so happy with the makeover job she asked another Mistress to have a look, I got so shy then.

Over the session I was teased, tickled, spanked, paddled, scratched, put in bondage, wrote on in lipstick, laughed at until I was squirming.  I had the feeling I just wanted to do whatever Mistress Courtney wanted, i'm not going to share all of the details, and i'm not going to post the pics Mistress took of my tiny thing, well because no-one would want to see that, even with the clamp attached.  But have to say how much I enjoyed it, we had a drink and a chat after which I really enjoyed, there were ideas mentioned that mad me tremble, but i've dreamt of them since which is a bit crazy.  Mistress Courtneys website is and I can't thank her enough.

I feel really lucky that i've had these experiences, and really hope to have more, its hard to explain, but it feels like i'm actually being me, i've been pretty much on a high since the session, and have a task to work on, and a rule I have to follow.

I know the next few days will involve a lot of makeup for my task, I just hope I can get it ok, I feel like i'm under pressure now *blushes* I may try something with this No7 set (with a guest appearance of a barryM lipstick)

It'll be maybe that or the liquid eyeshadow from MaxFactor thats at the bottom here, It goes so well with this lipstick

Anyway thats me for this post, i'm off to practice, feel free to chat to me on Twitter i'd love to hear peoples thoughts, and have a lovely weekend

Cinnamon xxx

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