Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Taking a plunge, a rant on fakes and new kinks

Hey, hope everyone is doing good, thought i'd use the lovely weather today to sit in my garden and write a new post.  It may not be too long, but firstly would like to say just how much I am looking forward to the weekend, in pretty much the largest city thats close to where I live at the weekend is the Sexhibition expo it looks to be an fun filled weekend, described as "The erotic event of the year"  I have been thinking of going and tempted for months, but finally after some encouragement from some lovely people on twitter have bought myself a ticket for the Sunday, which promises to celebrate the kinkier edgy side of the Expo.  I'm pretty nervous as i'm going alone, and although a fair few people have told me to go as Cinnamon I dont think i'm quite ready for that yet, so will be attending as my guy self, although I have a feeling i'll be Cinnamon underneath *blushes*

I'm looking forward to some of the stageshows, hopefully learning a bit more and looking round some of the retail units there as they are probably things that will interest the heck out of me.  There have been some really friendly people who've asked me to say hello too, i'm really hoping it will be a great day, and can't wait to tell you all about it after the day, (although I may need a couple days to recover)

I've been talking more and more on twitter to other subs lately as well.  Feel like i've learned a fair bit from them, and some ideas have definitely formed in my head.  Whether I dare follow them through is another matter, but who knows.  I do know that thinking about them I seem to have gone through way batteries than normal for the miniwand in the last week.  I've learned I really seem to enjoy being restrained, and now the idea of electrics being used (lightly) as part of the teasing/torture is intriguing.  So if its possible Twitter is making me kinkier than ever.

I do find it great most of the time, although just lately I seem to have been sent a barrage of dick pics, and DM's demanding I serve certain "Dommes" but a brief look at their profile shows they seem to be just insta-dommes, with no real interest in a kink, they just seem to be jumping on a bandwagon to get some extra cash.

I know "findom" has its place and there are many Dommes who seem to excel at it, I also know that if I have a session whether its on a phone, on cam or in real time its not very likely it will happen for free and i'm happy to pay, and if I can I have given a couple of gifts etc.  But the whole idea of findom isn't something that turns me on as it obviously does some others, money quite literally means nothing to me, its the way I have been brought up so controlling it has no effect on me.  I'm only commenting on this as i'm regularly told by these "insta's" that I am not really submissive, and even though they have contacted me, I am wasting their time.  I rarely react to be honest and they disappear off to beg another sub for enough money for a pack of cigs (seriously thats what one has said to me)  but it does annoy me.  I'm glad there are real Mistresses out there, I really am.

As for the Dick pics, read my last blog post, if you really want them seen and rated theres a link to a site on there that will happily do it!!!

I've really been playing a lot with the bondage kit I won a couple of months ago even falling asleep in the cuffs a couple of nights, but it doesn't feel quite the same when you're alone.  The clamps really make my nipples more sensitive and the flogger can really make me tingle.  Its probably only the last few weeks since my real time sessions that i've really wondered about things like this and I am actually thinking that basically a trapdoor has been opened as my thoughts and fantasies are including  much more bondage elements rather than purely the humilation side of things.  I really really hope I can explore these much more in the future and maybe whatever other kinky things come into my head.

Gonna love you and leave you now with a colour pic of the Lovehoney Lingerie I won last week.  I've had so many likes of it on twitter I just have to share it on here, have a great week and feel free to get in touch, either here or on Twitter

I have been meaning to write another fantasy into a short story again, but it needs a little bit more work yet, so maybe next time.  Thanks for reading

Cinnamon xxx

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