Friday, 12 August 2016

Competitions, SPH, and musings from my mind

Hi everyone, thought it was about time I wrote a blog, especially as its been such an exciting week.  First of all I was contacted on Monday by one of the largest adult retailers in the UK, Lovehoney, over the weekend I had entered a retweet competition they had posted and *blushes* I won.  I was given a choice between two absolutely gorgeous sets of lingerie.  One was mainly black, and I already have a few black pieces so I chose the second set.  It was a longline purple satin bra with a zip front and lace detail around the cups, with a set of satin and lace crotchless (yes crotchless) suspender knickers.  I was so excited, and being basically a guy I was so happy that the company was ok with it.

I realised later on that I would need some really nice stockings to go with it, especially as the knickers had the suspender straps on them.  So I went back on the website and chose myself a pair of sheer lace topped thigh highs, I also found a 3 for £10 offers section so had to indulge, (maybe more on that next time)

It was wednesday the prize package arrived, so damn quick, I was amazed when I got home from work and found it.  Just the touch felt so elegant and classy, it really is a gorgeous set, so once I'd showered etc I had to try it on,  i'd chose the right size for me any bigger and it would have hung off me and any smaller would have been too tight, and it just felt right, even better its almost a perfect match for one of my favourite Saturated Colour LIPSsticks.  I couldn't resist taking a couple of selfies and posting them on twitter and people really seemed to like them, I felt so good, and *blushes* loved the attention, heres one of them for you

It all made me feel so lucky, and girly, it really did.  But there has to be at least one humiliating thing happen to a sissy doesn't there??

I woke up really early for work the other day and found a msg on twitter from a Domme i'd never spoken to before asking me for my opinion on a new website she is in the process of starting.  Now i've been flirting round submission online for years, before properly taking the plunge in the last couple years and have heard of this Mistress Kiara so I actually felt quite honoured that she had taken the time to ask me so gladly looked at the site, its basically a place where guys can submit their tiny dick pics and they are up there for others to rate.   Rather embarrassingly I was encouraged to submit a picture of my tiny thing, at least anyone seeing it will know the reason I became who I am!!

It is a new site so not much on there yet, but if you are reading this and enjoy SPH or you just fancy laughing at tiny little ones check it out

I'm not posting my tiny pic on here, or on twitter, theres a time and place for them, and at least on a site like this you know to be expecting them.

Also this week, i've been thinking a lot about trying chastity again, but still had the same problem after trying and trying i've realised I am just too small to fit in my device.  I've been following others frustration online and part of me would like to experience that feeling of giving total control to a Mistress, the feelings like this are much stronger recently, maybe its because I finally had a RT session or two, maybe its because i'm accepting myself for myself more.

I even for the first ever time last week on twitter found myself making another man cum, it actually made me feel a bit weird but was also a rush, he spun my humiliation wheel and had to follow the instructions, but I got bratty and made him spin again to get a second forfeit hahahaha!  Bratty Sissy alert, but also been chatting to some people who are sort of where I was a few years ago.  To be called an inspiration is something I never ever thought would happen and if i'm being totally honest its really really moved me.  So thank you to all those people, you've genuinely made me feel good!!!

Finally i'd just like to say i'm missing the MeanGirls a lot still, i'm sure i'll get a chance to call them again soon its been very hard lately due to the time difference etc, but realistically, without calling them in the last year I doubt this blog would exist, they've literally humiliated the hell out of me, but also in a way helped me explore my submissive side and somehow opened doors into a whole new kinky world, so if you like this blog or my twitter give them a lot of the credit, they are both so awesome and I can't thank them enough.  I'm also looking forward to planning another RT session with Mistress Courtney so i'm sure there will be plenty of stories coming up for you all, right now i'm off to enjoy coffee

Thanks for reading and as always please feel free to get in touch, heres a link to my Twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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