Thursday, 24 November 2016

A new experience, and great day

Hey everyone, I said in my last post that this could really be a week full of kink.  So far it really has been.  After my night at Sinnation at the weekend and a relaxing(ish) day on sunday I found myself getting ready for a drive on Monday.  I'd been asked a few days before if I could maybe help Mistress Courtney and Mistress Chloe on their filming day by doing some recording,  i'd said yes pretty much straight away and was looking forward to it.

So it came to Monday morning and I got set off driving in what must have been the most hellacious driving conditions I have ever known.  So much spray on the motorway and a few near calls with people not looking before moving whilst wondering just what would happen as this was all new to me.  I also had the obligatory service station coffee stop before finding myself close to the location, TP_Dungeon so I pulled up and relaxed for a few minutes.  I headed over and saw Mistress Courtney outside and said hi, I was introduced to Mistress Chloe and shown the studio, then I helped unload the car.  The first of the filming slaves arrived then too.  We set a couple of cameras up then I was given a few instructions, and told how to use the cameras.  The other slaves had arrived by then and were in a chat with ideas etc.  Then the fun started, i'm not going to go into detail over everything I saw, but I saw a lot *blushes* we were there for the entire afternoon and managed to get a good few clips filmed, i'll be honest a lot of the clips were of things that aren't usually my sort of thing, but I found myself being in awe of the Mistresses and the way they were, from CP to CBT with a lot of things inbetween, I was having a few cravings of being played with as well.  But I had a job to do, even when a couple of moments made my eyes water.  So I kept focussed and tried my best to make the clips good, I felt quite voyeuristic as well  (if i'm being completely honest as well, for the second  time in three days I was seeing other naked guys, what I saw really made me feel quite small, I always knew I was but that hit home)  I think everyone there had a laugh through the day.  I feel I learned a lot, but also enjoyed it.  Seeing Mistress Courtney happy was an amazing feeling.  And I felt really good that i'd been able to help.  I stayed till the end and helped load Mistresses car up after before heading back to my car.

The journey home was thankfully slightly less wet,  and my mind was racing.  I was so aware of the ache I was feeling, after witnessing everything the last couple of days.  And I got home tired but happy.  I got changed and had a bite, then messaged to Mistress I was home safely like she's asked and confessed that I was kind of aching after seeing everything.  Her reply was that she may keep me in "chastity" (not caged just denied) till my session later in the week.  So from there I knew there wouldn't be any releases just yet.   For the next couple of days I felt the ache grow and grow as my imagination kept running wild.  Strangely though I was doing a vanilla hobby on tuesday and my aim was on fire.  It was supposed to be a competition but that was postponed. Oh well I would have kicked ass if it was on.

Anyways I'm going to leave this for now, there will be another update from this amazing week at some point though (its a bit too fresh for me to really blog about at the moment).  as always feel free to chat to me, either on here or on twitter

Cinnamon xx

PS, Can I call myself a cameraman, or would it be camerasissy *blushes*

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