Sunday, 27 November 2016

Another instalment from this awesome week

Hey everyone.  I know this is like the third post in a week, but a lots happened.  After the events of the past few days Helping Mistress film and also what happened at Sinnation last weekend I was having cravings, and they were getting intense having seen lots of other slaves being played with, although some of the stuff scared me I still felt the ache and cravings grow, but I knew I had my session with Mistress Courtney to look forward to.

The day came later in the week and I felt the usual nervous excitement along with the cravings and the ache which grew as I got closer to the dungeon.  As usual they peaked as I knocked at the door.  Which was opened by Mistress looking stunning as ever and I was shown in.  I said hello to Mistress Luci as I was shown into the same room as last time, we had a little chat about the other day, and other things before Mistress left me with the instruction to get dressed.  After a couple of minutes Mistress was back and loved my dress, and especially my stockings,
 and she sat me down before doing my makeup.  All the while speaking softly, I was as drawn in as ever.   We took a couple of pics then, before I was strapped to the bench.  As always i'm not going to go into all the details, but over the rest of the session I was teased, and for the first ever time had electrics used on me.  Along with wax, a blindfold, Mistresses nails, a little pinwheel I was soon squirming, being blindfolded it seemed Mistresses footsteps were echoed,  As the session went on I was losing myself deep in something i've never experienced before, I could hear Mistress whispering in my ear, and using her nails on something that seems to be a real trigger point for me,  I can't explain what I was feeling as I was craving the ideas Mistress was putting in my head.  Eventually a command i've been craving for a while was whispered, and well wow, that is all i'm saying.

I was led there almost unable to move after and was trembling.  My head was very happily spinning as slowly Mistress went and got some water then had me sitting up, before standing up.  She said it looks like you've found subspace.   Thinking about it now, i've never felt like that before, I was tingling all over, but felt exhausted and crazily happy.  I was then left to clean up and shower and dress.  There was wax everywhere, and Mistress came back in with some chocolate and we had a chat after, she said i'd had a very kinky week, and made sure I was back on planet earth.  I was given a homework task and left with the biggest smile on my face.  As always I seemed to float back home.  Maybe seeing a Mistress is an antidote to getting annoyed stuck in traffic.

I spent the evening feeling all floaty and happy just thinking what had happened.  The evening seemed to disappear and I drifted into some awesome and vivid dreams.  I did also have on saturday morning what I've been told may have been subdrop.  Thats another first for me, can't say its a good thing.  But I was glad of a bit of support I got on twitter as a couple of people recognised it, also Mistress had said it may happen, its hard to explain, but after a relaxed day full of little treats and a play with a new toy in the evening I got off to sleep last night and woke up feeling fine today.  Still having flashbacks though.  Of squirming as Mistress whispered in my ear, feeling my whole body tense and tremble, flinch slightly at the wax, and pulse with the electrics.  Looking back, the day of feeling lousy was well worth it.

I mentioned a new toy, but maybe thinking that will be best left for another post.  I'm going to wrap this up now, what a great end to this week of kinky fun though.  I hope theres more soon.  As always feel free to chat, either on here, or on twitter thanks for reading

Cinnamon xx

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