Sunday, 20 November 2016

My night at Sinnation

Hi everyone, I'm hoping this will be a fun blog post,  after my adventure last night.  I'd bought a ticket for the first Sinnation event a few weeks ago and had been looking forward to it as it was the first event like that I have ever been to.  I'm guessing as well if you've read any of my recent posts as well you'd know i'd been wondering just what to wear.  I'd been told that I could arrive "vanilla" and change into whatever I felt comfortable in.  Now I wear lingerie most of the time under my guy clothes, but have never really been fully dressed in front of more than one Mistress, but thanks to some encouragement on twitter from Mistress Felix I'd found a dress online, and some heels, and decided I was going to do it.

So anyway time drew around to yesterday and I spent most of the day getting myself ready, and packing a bag with all my things in.  I travelled to the location at the Manchester Chambers, and as usual for my first visit somewhere got a little bit lost, but found myself sat outside soon enough.  I actually met Mistress Felix and her slave outside and they showed me in.  Whilst I was checking my coat and showing my ticket etc I was introduced as Cinnamon to the other people in the room.  This made me blush, which didnt go unnoticed.  Was asked if I wanted to get changed and was shown upstairs to a room and left to get changed.  I was just about ready, when Mistress Felix came in and gave me some help with my makeup, she is very talented, I'm not sure what she did to my eyebrows but they looked amazing.

We went back downstairs to a playroom where there was a sushi girl.  A lot of the other people there were posing for pics and enjoying the sushi off her body.  I think this was the point that I was the most nervous, as there was quite a few people in the room, I was introduced to a few more people and  then stood back to watch a demonstration of Shibari, I've seen pictures of this before but actually seeing someone who was an expert in it in action was something else.  It truly looks like an work of art in progress.  There was some play starting to happen as a slave was worshipping a Mistresses feet during the demo.  I didnt really join in any play, was happy just to watch and try soak things in.  Especially as i'd never really met any of the people there before.  I talked to a few people and then headed upstairs for more Demos, one by Mistress Arabella who had a slave strapped to a bench and proceeded to give a spanking, paddling and caning demo.  Even the cane snapped.  During this I was speaking to another Mistress who remembered me from my day at Sexhibition who said she thought she had remembered me and that she liked my outfit.

There was a bar there that I couldnt properly enjoy with having to drive but I headed over there to cool down a bit, and outside it was very chilly before I headed back upstairs and taken into a room by Mistress Felix, she introduced me to another couple of Mistresses as Cinnamon,  and asked me to watch, I then for the first time ever saw a violet wand used, in tandem with a magic wand, the slave was squirming,  when they started tickling him I got a little bit jealous, (I love being tickled when I can't move) Although I dont think I have a pain threshold like some of the people there.

I had to sit down after a few hours as my feet had started to ache, but it was getting pretty late by then and eventually I got my bag to change ready to leave.  I did have a nightmare though getting my dress unzipped as it had stuck, thankfully though I was helped by Mistress Lola to get it open.  Before I got changed and headed back downstairs.  Chatted for another few minutes and thanked the Mistresses who'd organised it and said my goodbyes.  I had the most traffic free journey home ever (it was 1.45am though) and had some very kinky dreams last night.  I loved that I had the balls to go through with wearing the dress and not going to lie have loved some of the comments I had, I also loved that I didnt feel weird, or pressurised into anything.  Some of the play I saw was way beyond anything i've done yet.  But all in all I had a really good night, and hopefully i'll get to attend more things like this in the future.

A link to the event page is here  Sinnation

That was a hell of a start to my time off work, *blushes* although there is much more to come hopefully starting tomorrow but my lips are sealed, this really could be a week of kink!  As always feel free to chat, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

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