Monday, 12 February 2018

An explanation, an update and an awesome time with Mistress

Hi everyone, firstly I guess an apology is in order, its been an absolute age since I last posted a blog on here.  Theres been a lot going on in my vanilla life careerwise, and combined with not really having much time for kinky fun over xmas and not having any trips out etc this blog kind of took a back seat.  I mean theres been plenty of cinnamon time at home, but no-one wants to read a blog of how I tease myself and get off do they?  Lol

I did have one memorable day shopping with my friend again, this time with the sole purpose of finding things for me.  It was a great morning and hopefully soon it will happen again, (after a payday) and maybe at a slightly larger shopping place than the town we were in. It is definitely easier shopping being with someone, I keep thanking my friend, but I dont think she realises how much she's helped me!

Of course a lot of my blogs in the last couple of years have been about my adventures with  Mistress Courtney and this weekend just past finally after a couple of months I got to see and catch up with Mistress in another wonderful session, getting some time off has been tricky with the career change, but managed to get the date set.  If i'm being honest I was looking forward to it from the moment I received the email saying it was all booked.  Then the day before I got a msg saying I should wear makeup to the dungeon, the more makeup the better the rewards, and the less makeup the worse the punishment.  That pretty much put my head in cinnamon mode right then and spent the evening before panicking about the drive.  I did have a couple of things to do in the morning and found myself with a rushed window to try and make my makeup look good.  I also had to make sure I was in girly lingerie and stockings too.  But luckily I just had enough time and set off on the paranoid journey to the dungeon. Armed with the Christmas gift I still had for Mistress I got out of my local town, but I'm certain someone spotted me in all the makeup, I caught them pointing out of a car at mine, and just wanted the traffic lights to change.  But I arrived without any further sightings and got myself parked up before awaiting that magical text.  I headed in as instructed and as that door opened any nerves I had disappeared.  I was greeted warmly by Mistress who looked as amazing as ever, and as a plus point she liked the gift I had taken.  After a little chat, I was shown into the larger dungeon room, saying a quick hello to Mistress Luci and Princess Lucina as I walked through.  I was allowed to use the bathroom quickly as Mistress got us some water, and then well the fun really started.....

Mistress with me strapped down at her mercy
I never go into much detail about what actually happens in the dungeon, and sorry I'm not really going to start now, but I will say the session was full of me being tormented, scratched restrained spanked, sat on, teased tickled, and for my first time with Mistress Courtney, caned, yes caned, as in swishy sticks of stingingness I've been afraid of for so long.  I can remember holding my breath after Mistress explained about them, unable to move strapped down on the bench, and then somehow, I think it was the tickling prior to the first stroke I giggled, this didn't go un-noticed, but although Mistress said she was a bit rougher on me than normal, and I dont really class myself as liking pain despite the stinging I felt quite exhilarated. After being on the bench, then led over Mistresses knee I was strapped down on my back, I literally couldnt have moved if there was all the chocolate in the world next to me.  I lost track of time then as I was taken somehow into that floaty special place, where all I can hear is Mistresses voice yet I hardly can tell what is being said.  Those nails scratching felt so sharp, (i'm still finding scratches all over which is awesome) but when they tickled I squirmed.  I know I was sat on at one point, which was another new experience for me in a session, and when the time came, well something happened I certainly wasn't expecting, and I dont think Mistress was either.  I blame the doxy!!
The beautiful Mistress Courtney

I was released from the restraints and left to just relax a moment, before being allowed to clean up and get dressed.  After that we had a chat which was awesome to catch up, but also get some possible future ideas, I liked Mistresses smile when I said that with the new job I could pretty much always get some time to help her if needed, and I know I wont leave it as long till I see Mistress again, i'd go every week if I could!!!

I drove home with a huge smile on my face, and spent the next day and a half re-imagining everything.  Thankfully even despite a monday morning commute with a frozen car i've avoided the dreaded drop so far.  I guess it may have taken just over a month but my first kinky experience of the year was worth the wait.

I'm going to leave this here for now, hope you enjoy, and also hope it wont be as long before my next blog post.  As always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Stay kinky, cinnamon xxx

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A night of Halloween fun at Events Chambers

Hi everyone, I thought i'd make myself a blog of my last evening out as Cinnamon, once again at one of the Events Chambers monthly kinky parties.  I did actually have this blog wrote last week but after an accidental deletion its time to start it up again.

I knew that this party had a special Halloween theme, although had had no luck whatsoever with sorting a decent outfit early enough.  My friend who knows thought she had helped me with a "bad fairy" outfit, but the sizing was way out so it had to be returned.  So in the end I found a top on amazon and ordered it, thinking I would wear with my mini skirt, tights and heels.

My top for the party, a satin inner and lace layer over the top
Anyways the day of the party came and I after work began my task of getting ready.  I was pretty much dressed as I set off from home, all I needed to do was swap my shoes,  take off my pants and jacket, put my wig on and freshen up my makeup.   I had done a quick effort with my makeup at home, and as it was dark didn't have the same paranoia i've had driving in it before.  It was an interesting drive as the weather was way crazy.  But I pulled up outside the Chambers just after the start time and made my way in.  I was greeted as warmly as ever and allowed upstairs to get changed.  And pretty soon Cinnamon was downstairs chatting.  Some of the outfits and makeup were awesomely done as the theme was Halloween and the chambers had been decorated,  there was even a candyfloss machine and attendant in the reception area.  There were a few new faces there this time, yet I felt none of the nerves and paranoia I felt the first couple of times that I went.  It was great to catch up with people i've met before and speak to the Mistresses.  It may sound strange, but just by chatting I've learned a lot, and its hard to say just how grateful I am.

For this party there was some food available that had been cooked by the resident Dommes at the chambers, which smelled divine, I was cursing the fact i'd already eaten.  There was also entertainment similar to last time which this time scared the be-jesus out of me, anything with broken glass does, but the lady doing the demonstration had a flow to her movements, and managed to keep everyones attention.  It was quite erotic if i'm being honest, (even if the scary sissy inside me was cringing at the broken glass)  Mistress Arabella led a game at one point as well, two slaves with sparklers inserted into a certain body part followed by them apple bobbing.  This game ended up with a caning and something completely different.  All the subs were invited to give one spank, I've got to be honest this felt really strange, but kind of cool as well.

All too soon it was time to think about getting home and said my goodbyes before a thankfully dryer drive home.  Looking forward to next time, and with permission have pics of the event flyers to share in my blog, all contact details are on there, i'd really recommend the evenings, especially for anyone who may be nervous, i've found that unless you are being told to bend over a stool, or escort a Mistress to the bathroom there is just no reason to be!  I've never felt under any pressure there, and even if the chatting isn't about kinky things and is about music festivals etc, its still just as relaxed

My cute pink pillow, and me of course x

Since the party night i've been keeping myself busy while Mistress Courtney is away on holiday.  And kind of invented a kinky random game of chance, involving a playlist of humiliation clips and a timer.  Basically selected a couple of hours worth, but only one of the clips gives permission to make a precious cumsie.  Over the weekend i've cursed myself for coming up with this game as I have had absolutely zero luck with it.  Since then as well i've been told I need to play this game for an hour each day.  Its made the ache extremely intense, and has had me almost constantly aroused.  i've nearly called someone Mistress at work, and am feeling so submissive all the time.  In fact when i'm at home I'm almost cuddled up to the pink pillow all the time now, I guess it is perfect for a sissy.

Right, I think I am going to wrap this up now as I keep nearly drifting into something I am saving for another blog, as always feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Monday, 23 October 2017

A day of helping film with Miss Courtney

Hi everyone, I thought I would write a post about a really fun day I had last week.  Helping Mistress Courtney film some clips for her clips stores.  And on a chilly afternoon what better way to write a blog than a hot and milky coffee

If you've read my blogs before you will know that I have helped film a few times before with Mistress and had always enjoyed helping, so when I was asked again I jumped at the opportunity.  Mistress had booked a dungeon studio called The Facility, in Birmingham and the day before had confirmed the times etc with me.

I woke up early and made sure I had a proper breakfast for once and set off.  My mind wandering in my car, wondering what this place would be like, would I just be behind the camera? or as Mistress had said maybe there would be a little clip with me in,  I was glad i'd allowed extra time as the roads seemed to be feeling the effects of a certain Ophelia, the sky and sun a strange colour and the damn 50 mph limit on the M6 rolling into one huge jam.  But still I managed to get there about 5 minutes before we'd agreed and after driving up and down the road not seeing the studio thought I'd park up and wait for Mistress.  After a moment I saw Mistresses car coming down the road, and we waved at each other, as Mistress parked I walked over and said hi.  As none of us had been here before we had a giggle looking for the place, even walking into the wrong yard of some units at one point before finding the place and moving our cars to their car park.   Whilst we unloaded the car the first filming slaves arrived and we were all introduced.  It was very quiet at first as we were getting ready.  The room we were using was really well equipped and I set up the lighting for the area we were going to be using first as Mistress was throwing some ideas around and some of the formalities were done.  (paperwork, it gets everywhere)

Some images of the amazing Mistress Courtney
Pretty soon we were off with the clips.  As always I'm not going to go into too much detail about them, you'll have to check Mistresses store out.  I'm often transfixed while filming, trying to make sure I get the camera right while being in awe of Mistress, she has a certain aura of dominance and flows like an artist through a scene, I feel very lucky that i've had the chance to witness it, even though with some things I get cravings like I wish it was happening to me, in between scenes Mistress often tells me she could tell I liked the last one, which just sets me off blushing.

We filmed a good few clips, including a couple of role-play clips that had me trembling behind the camera, (thank god for tripods) and a couple that made me want to close my eyes, I couldnt of course.  Then there was a little swap around, as the first couple of slaves left and another arrived, We had a little break and then started again with the new slave, who also dresses, Sophie.  Mistress did her makeup, and I was a little envious watching, but still enjoyed it.  Before some clips involving cling film, foot worship, strap on play and a cute pink sissy dress.  It did get late very quick and we had to wrap the day up, I wasn't in any clips this time.  But Mistress mentioned booking another day after her holiday.  The Facility was a really good space to film in.  I think there were other ideas that we just didnt have time to get through

After packing up and saying my goodbyes I left for the thankfully quieter drive home feeling an ache all the way, picturing some of the things i'd seen, imagining being knelt before Mistress and smiling all the way home.  I couldn't really relax in my thoughts that evening though as I was home and instantly get ready for work the next day.  I knew later in the week as well I had another evening out as cinnamon at the Halloween Events Chambers party.  Thats being saved for another blog though, and for now I am going to wrap this one up.  Thanks for reading and feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

PS.  Feel free to check out Mistress Courtney's clip store here

Monday, 18 September 2017

An amazing and kinky night at the Events Chambers party

Hmm so what does my blog and buses have in common?  Yep thats it theres none for ages, then two pretty much right after one another.  Well as I mentioned in my last post a couple of days ago I was planning on going to the Events Chambers party on Saturday.  Though its getting to the stage where I am always wondering what to wear!  I need a bigger wardrobe hehe!
I chose this dress in the end

Well it came to saturday and i finally decided on my outfit, and got everything ready I needed.  The dress, wig, shoes, makeup although as i've done a few times now I wore most of the underwear from home.  And as has happened before I pulled into the quietest corner of the motorway service station car park I could find and set about trying to do some makeup.  Mainly my eyes, they weren't perfect but for a rush job in a car park I was happy.  I pulled up outside and made my way in saying hi, and being as warmly greeted as ever before heading upstairs to change.  You know its less than a year since I first attended and I remember the nerves as I almost cowered in a room changing and the way my heart pounded as I walked out into the party, yet now I find those nerves are just not there, so as i finished getting as ready as I could be I packed all of my boy things into my bag and took it back downstairs to be stored.  My dress had some lovely comments, and everyone there was friendly, when someone said they thought I was a similar age to them I was delighted, (they were only 23) Talk about a confidence booster.

I always find chatting at these do's to be fun, to other subs, Mistresses, the staff and well everyone,  there seems to be no judgement and its something someone like me doesn't get to feel too often.  But there often seems to be plenty of play too, i've found it fascinating watching some of the play when i've been there, even though some of the things scare me silly.  I have been teased and tickled lightly and had a spanking there but this night seemed to have a lot of firsts for me.  The first one I was in the bar area chatting when a Mistress told me to accompany her to the toilet.  (very nervously I followed while explaining i'd never done anything like this before)  It was explained to me that I needed to stand and watch and fold up some toilet paper which I did, shaking with nerves and not sure what would happen next.  As the Mistress finished she stood and I was instructed to use the folded up toilet paper to wipe her clean.  Which I hope I did ok, again I was shaking at this.  As the Mistress was leaving the bathroom and said we could go back to the bar I asked if I could just use the toilet.  I hadnt banked on the Mistress standing before me as I sat on the toilet feeling exposed, and finding it hard to go, even though I needed to.  After some encouragement I managed it though, despite the feelings rushing through me.  After I finished my you know what was wiped clean and I pulled my panties back up.  As we made our way downstairs I was told its good for girls to "share" and that I could put this in my blog but no names where necessary.

Pretty soon after I found myself in one of the dungeon rooms watching a caning over the bench and also a beautiful female sub being a puppy, and chatting with others.  Then I was challenged to take a caning myself.  (this was just after another Mistress asked if she could flog me later) Now i've never been really caned before but I was told it would be a "sensual" caning,  the thought has come up in my head more and more often for me though lately and somehow I found myself knelt over the bench and exposed with the skirt of my dress lifted right up. Hearing others around chatting added to the feelings, I heard a whisper that we have an audience.  I then got told i'd be having 6 strokes, I managed to take them without screaming, as that was my fear and felt a rush of emotions as I stood up.  I chilled a little after this, watching some other canings, chatting before I had an experience i'll never forget, my blog is not the place to talk about that though.  I felt very lucky.

Later in the evening as things were drawing to a close I received some possibly inadvertent SPH from a Mistress who was instructing a slave to wank.  And chatted more with everyone before dressing back as a boy for my drive home.  It was a really good night and i'd like to thank all of the Mistresses, all of the subs, for another really fun experience.  I can't wait for the Halloween one next month.

I'm going to wrap this up now, but as always, feel free to chat to me on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Another wonderful session with Mistress Courtney

Hey everyone, I thought I would make a blog about my latest session with the amazing Mistress Courtney this week.  Having a couple of days booked off, I managed to book the session and had been building up excitement to it as I always do.  Yes sure I am lucky I can indulge in my thoughts and fantasies at home pretty much whenever I like but theres something about an actual session, that just magnifies all my thoughts.

I spent the day beforehand getting myself ready, and letting my mind wander before getting in my car and making that now familiar drive.  As always when I parked I sent a text to say I was there and felt my nervous excitement grow until the reply came through to come down.  I knocked at the door and was let in and greeted by Mistress, who looked as gorgeous as ever.  I was allowed to use the WC and then was shown into the dungeon.  I was told a couple of things, and then left to get myself stripped to my panties and my wig,  I'm never the most confident about my body, so felt quite exposed as I was sat there in only panties, but felt myself melt as Mistress opened the door and walked in with a dress.  There was so much satin and lace, as I was helped to put it on I just felt so submissive, and the sensations as it rubbed over my body gave me a goosebump or two.  Which Mistress duly noted.
An old photo of me and Mistress

I posed for a couple of pics, and had to do a twirl, and even briefly show Mistress Luci which definitely made me blush, then I was cuffed to the bar above my head, and given a punishment, with a strap followed by a spanking, paddling and I think a crop as well.  I felt something i've never felt before and could consciously feel myself try to stick my bottom out inbetween spanks,  despite the stinging I soon felt. When I was uncured I was given a sip of water, before being strapped to the gynae bench, unable to move with my arms and legs secured.  Then Mistress put a gag on me (I have a phobia about things in my mouth, but somehow wanted to at least try) Then a blindfold as well.  In that moment I felt a vulnerability i've never felt before.  I couldnt see, couldnt speak, couldnt move, (other than squirm) everything seemed magnified, from Mistress voice, to the touch of the various things she used to tease and torment me.  I could constantly feel my eyes trying to dart around behind the blindfold even though everything was dark for me.  Making little moaning sounds behind the gag as I was made to squirm.  I lost track of time, and just got in that special place.  Riding an edge for what seemed an age before being denied (well for now)  As the gag and blindold were removed  Mistress watched as I drifted back into normality and explained that I could text and ask permission later that night to make my panties sticky.  I was untied and left to get dressed again and Mistress made us a drink.

We sat and had a coffee and a chat and I always enjoy this.  A couple of ideas were discussed and I realised how easy Mistress can make me drift off as she pressed one of my triggers before I was let go to float my way home.  I've said it before, but following being in that place in my head no amount of traffic on the M60 can annoy you.  Then once I got home I made some food and changed into some of my naughtiest lingerie and teased myself before texting and asking Mistress for permission.  I beamed when the reply came back and after a little more teasing did what i'd been told hehe.

Maybe my outfit for saturday night
You know i'm already looking forward to my next kinky fun with Mistress.  But I also have another fun night at The Manchester Chambers planned for this weekend, and they are always such fun nights.  I just need to figure my outfit out now for it, i'm thinking of daring to try something a little sluttier than usual, but thats because of my naughty moods from the last week or so.  I also did debate trying to find a localish place to the chambers that may have done a makeover.  But that idea has gone for now, due to cost and well the time i'd need I guess.  Maybe another time!  If my really slutty idea doesn't work out then I may try this dress again

Anyways i'm gonna wrap this up and i'm sure you'll be seeing more on here soon.  Feel free to chat on twitter as always and have a great and kinky weekend!

Cinnamon xxx

Monday, 4 September 2017

A shopping trip with a friend

Hey everyone, I thought something that happened at the weekend deserved a blog post and its been a couple of weeks so here goes.  I knew I had time off work, and my original reason for booking the weekend off had been cancelled, so I hadn't really got any plans as such.

I've been getting naughtier in my thoughts lately and had treated myself to a clip from a clip store the other night from Cruel Girlfriend (I still remember winning that prize of a months subscription last year)  The clip featured a Princess I have met a couple of times at the Bitches UnleShed events, and it was based around a humiliating visit to a mall with lots of tasks to complete for points.  I'm sure anyone who reads my blogs regularly can tell, this kind of idea is one of my wildest fantasies.  I'm not going to ruin it by naming all the tasks but will say that completing the set would leave any sissy utterly humiliated and embarrassed, even though all the tasks were doable.  Do you find in some clips as few of the instructions/tasks just border a little into the impossible?  Not with this one.  Not with this one indeed.

I was actually daydreaming about doing this task, even shared a tweet about it, but soon realised checking my budget, i'd kind of need to be a little more flush.  But then I had a message from one of my friends who kind of knows everything about me, asking if I wanted to catch up that afternoon, over a few texts we came up with the idea of meeting at the Trafford Centre and having a laugh, some coffee, and maybe I could help her with some shopping.  So I had some lunch and got myself ready and set off.  I was dressed in my boy clothes, but of course had panties on underneath.  I got there and parked up, before heading to where we'd agreed to meet. I thought I was going to be early but my friend was there and greeted me with a hug,

We went inside and were just having a general catch up chat, then she asked me if there was anything I was looking for in the shops today, I said I wish with a smile, not until payday as I know I have a couple of cool things coming up next week.  She giggled at this knowing full well what the "cool things" are.  I think this was my first inadvertent blush of the day.  We headed into New look first, and I was loosely just following around, feeling some of those feelings, looking for myself, but trying not to show it too much as you know, I was with a friend.  This continued for a few stores, At one point I was told a dress i'd said was cute would look great on me, I nervously glanced around but there was no-one within earshot, cue my second blush of the day, I was growing more confident though, I could feel myself looking more attentively rather than just look like the unfortunate guy to get dragged shopping.  It was so much fun, and as I wasn't alone, didnt get any of the creeping paranoia and fear that does happen when alone.  Then we headed up to the large Debenhams up at the far end of the centre.  I knew we were heading to a specific makeup counter, she goes there all the time.  I followed but felt the smell of cosmetics as soon as we entered, it has such an effect on me, but I tried not to show it as my friend was chatting to the girl on the counter, and after a moment was trying on all sorts of little testers, in fact the counter girl asked her to sit down and applied some lipstick but kind of blended two colours together, an ombre look.  She looked at me and winked, saying I bet this colour would suit me too.  The girl from the counter giggled at that.  I felt my third blush as my eyes widened and could feel goosebumps all over, I tried to smile and act as cool as I could, as she stood up she grabbed my hand and looked at me all funny.  She paid up and we left the store, I was told it was coffee time now.  So we walked almost the entire length of the place to our favourite  Starbucks, its better than the others somehow, ordered us a drink and sat down.  I'd calmed a little and was surprised to hear her say "sorry" I asked why??

She explained how she saw how I reacted in the makeup department, that by my reaction I actually wanted to be in that chair, especially when telling me the lipstick would have suited me,  we've chatted about my kinks before and some of the milder things I have done with Mistress Courtney etc, but she had no idea how nervous they make me, especially in a setting like that, It was just meant to be a friendly joke, I knew it was, I told her that, but said that some little things just trigger my mind, we were back to laughing a little now thankfully and the uncomfortable moment had passed.  As we left the coffee shop she asked if there was any other stores I wanted to check out and it was here I had the next blush of the day, saying well......  She told me I could tell her anything, so I said i'd always wanted to go into Victorias secret, without feeling awkward, she looked at me really deeply, like she was reading me, and said ok, we'll go in, but we'd be just pretending we were looking for her.  No more uncomfortable moments for the day.  She actually held my hand as we went in, and I have to say I could have spent all day in there with her *blushes* the best thing was not feeling dodgy for being in there, I was just in there with a friend, we left shortly after.  I walked her to her car and we hugged, I thanked her for the day and she said maybe one day, we can be shopping for you, she then kissed my cheek and drove off.  I was on a high walking back to my car, it had been such a cool and fun day.

Going back to the start of this post I mentioned the clip, I think for sure all the tasks would be doable at the trafford centre, and I know how strong sometimes my humiliation cravings get.  Gulp, I think it would definitely need to be around payday on a month with no sessions etc though to do it properly.
Anyways I'll wrap this up here, but have lots more fun, and probably a lot more kinky too coming up, with hopefully a session with the amazing Mistress Courtney next week and also the next kinky play party at EventsChambers with all week off I can really indulge *blushes*  I'm sure you'll hear all about it.  Feel free to chat with me, either here or on twitter

Cinnamon xxx

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A kinky and fun few days

Hey everyone,  I thought I would have to put together a blog post about the last week or so, its been lots of fun for me.  So I made myself a cappuccino as is always necessary and here goes!!

Firstly last week one afternoon I had the opportunity to meet Mistress Courtney, and spend some time with her.  I finally got to give Mistress the last part of her birthday present, and we had some fun.  I had to take a selection of some of my girly things and Mistress chose me an outfit to wear out of my case and did my makeup, which always feels sooooooooooooo.  I was restrained and paddled and spanked, which felt a little harder than the other times, before being tied down totally and I was subjected to a tickling,  scratching, tormenting experience, I was kind of blindfolded with a pair of my own panties, it really really enhanced the feelings, and its been giving me all kinds of flashbacks. I was totally lost in that moment, and can just remember that giggle, and my body jerking, squirming but being unable to really move.  Mistress also explained a little more about something she mentioned last time, that when I go to that special place, my eyes seem to change, I find this fascinating in fact i've tried to replicate it at home in front of a mirror, but not had any luck yet. I can't wait to have some more fun with Mistress.  There were a couple of things mentioned that sounded so exciting, just so very exciting.
The fishnets I wore for the night

Then after a couple of hellish shifts at work I found myself getting ready to attend another party at the Manchester Chambers  Anyone who's read my previous blogs will know i've been to a few events there now.  My plan for the evening after work was get home, eat and shower, then get as ready as I could while still having boy clothes over the top, and as is seemingly getting a familiar routine did the basics of my makeup while still at home.  I drove to the Chambers, wondering how this time would be, I had no nerves at all this time, just the usual paranoia as I drove through the traffic.  I parked up and headed inside and was greeted by Diva Karishma  Mistress Arabella and a few other people I have met before.  In no time I had nipped to the changing rooms and fully got changed, before heading down to the bar area, It was a very friendly night, as always and I felt relaxed, even when I was threatened with a caning, scarily I may have been a little excited at that point.  During the night it was great to chat with others, about all sorts of kink, plus some vanilla stuff too.  There was also a few demo's that had been arranged, these were fantastic, they involved a stapler and a very sharp bed of nails, that frightened the life out of me, but looked amazing, especially when the lady was led on the bed, and had a Mistress stand on top.  Following this there was a burlesque style strip from a smouldering secretary look down to not very much at all, and it culminated with a lot of red wax that the lady poured over herself.  In the dark light and to the music that was playing I got a distinct vampiric vibe that I really loved.

Another demo a little later was by Mistress Lola who had attached two milking units up to a Venus2000 machine, and a challenge was set for two slaves, the first to lose control of their cock would lose and therefore have to take a caning.  You wouldn't believe it but this ended as a dead heat so both of the slaves had to take a caning, the machine itself is something that looks nice, but you can easily see how you could get punished, imagine being attached to that with no mercy, yikes that would get sensitive quickly.  Anyways after a thoroughly enjoyable evening I had to revert to my boy clothes and get myself home.  The problem with my early starts are that I can never seem to make it to the end of the night!

Back at home on the sunday I just had to indulge in Sissy Sunday, and after the few days i'd had I teased myself to some trembling edges before finally ruining an orgasm that seemed to just ooze out for ages, i've finally found something more frustrating than my football team losing.  Anyways i'm going to wrap this up now as i've realised I now have a free weekend next week so need to make myself a plan for it.   So as always feel free to chat to me on twitter and hope you've enjoyed

Cinnamon xx